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(1.)Reliability(Mechanical and Environmental Endurance) (2.) Processing Instructions
(1).Reliability(Mechanical and Environmental Endurance)
No. Test Items Test Method and Condition Requirements
1 Vibration (1)Vibration Frequency 10 to 55Hz
(2)Vibration Amplitude 1.5mm
(3)Cycle Time 1-2min(10-55-10Hz)
(4)Direction X.Y.Z
(5)Duration 2h/each direction
Frequency Change:10ppm Max.Resistance Change:15% or5kohm Max.
2 Shock 3 Times free drop from 75cm height to hard wooden?board of thickness more than 30mm Frequency Change:10ppm Max.Resistance Change:15% or 5kohm Max.
3 Leakage Put crystal units into a hermetic container and Helium for 0.5-0.6
Mpa,and keep it for 1h;Check the leakage by a Helium leak detector
Leakage:1x108Pam3/s Max.
4 Solderability Put the leads of crystal units into solder melted tank for 3 to 5s The dipped surface of the leads
should be at least 90% covered with
continuous new solder coating
5. Reflow soldering TMXLF-308FTMXLF-AT206F/308F/309F/3010FTMXLF-309
Fig.1 for TMXLF-308F
TMXLF-AT206F/308F/309F/3010FTMXLF-309 family
Frequency Change:10ppm Max.
Resistance Change:25% or
10kohm Max.
Fig.2 for TMXLF-206HC-49SM family

TSX etc.
6? Lead Strength(DIP)?? The crystal lead with the 0.9kg(9N)power(keep it for 30s±5s)
and bend the crystal lead 90° with 0.45kg power and two times
The crystal lead is not abnormity
7 Shock The crystal units shall be put in somewhere for 2 hours attemperature of 85?±2?,then keep it for 1 to 2 hours under roomtemperature Frequency Change:±10ppm Max.Resistance Change:±15% or?5kohm Max.
8 Low TemperatureEndurance The crystal units shall be put in somewhere for 2 hours at temperature of -25?,then keep it for 1 to 2 hours under roomtemperature ?Leakage:1x10?8Pa·m3/s Max.
9 Humidity Endurance The crystal units shall be put in?somewhere? at 40? in relative humidity of 90-95% for 48 hours,then keep it for one or two hours under room temperature  
10. Temperature Cycle?? Temperature shift from low(-40?) to high(100?,keep 30minutes),satisfy high(100?) to low(-40?,keep 30 minutes),then?go up to room temperature for 5 cycles  
11. Salt Spray Test Put the crystal units in the salt spray room(salt density:5%)at thetemperature of 35? for 96 hours.Then clean it with water and dryits surface. The appearance shall has no abnormityand soldering is good.Frequency Change:±10ppm Max.Resistance Change:±10% or 5kohm Max.

(2)Processing Instructions

1 The crystal units are designed and manufactured to resist physical shocks.However,when the crystal units are subjected to excessiveimpact such as being dropped onto the floor or giving shocks during processing,need to make sure its satisfactory performance before using it.
2 Soldering

(1)Lead Type products
Lead wires should be soldered within 3 seconds with the soldering iron heated to a temperature no higher than 300?
In solder-dip processing,the leads should be soldered within 10 seconds with a temperature no higher than 260?.Mounting
in upright is recommendable to prevent the heat conduction directly to the body of the crystal unit.

(2)SMD Type products
a.The REFLOW SOLDERING PROFILE as below is recommended for JU308-SMD?JU206-SMD MHz family.family.

b.The REFLOW SOLDERING PROFILE as below is recommended for JU206-SMD?49US-SMD
3 TO BEND THE LEAD of cylinder type products

(1)When the lead of cylinder type crystal units need to be bent,leave more than 1.5mm?3.0mm is recommendable) of lead from the case in order to prevent from any cracks of the hermetic sealing glass at the root of the lead,and use a jig to bend if possible.

(2)When bending the lead of cylinder type crystal units,do not scrape off the soldering plating from the lead surface.


1.MOUNTING of cylinder type products

(1)Soldering the body of the cylinder type crystal units with PCB must be avoided due to deteriorate the characteristics or damage
???: rubber adhesive

the products.Rubber adhesive is recommended

(2)When the lead needs to be bent by hand,please follow the instruction as below:

Hold the body of the cylinder type crystal unit in fingers;
Pick at the part with tweezer,which you want to bend.There should be more than 1.5mm(3.0mm is recommended) from the body case;
Bend the lead 90° by tweezer without pulling the lead strongly.If pulling the lead strongly may cause any cracks of hermetic sealing
glass at the root of the lead and may cause the leakage and the characteristics to deteriorate.

2 MOUNTING of SMD TYPE productsWhen using an automatic loading machine,please test and confirm to cause no damage to the crystal units before mounting.Bending the circuit board in the process of cleaving boards after mounting and soldering crystal units may cause peeling off the soldering or package cracks by mechanical stress.Please be sure that the layout of crystal products position is on the less sressed and the cleaving process is under less stessedfor the crystal units.


(1)Crystal units may be sffected and destroyed at worst by supersonic cleaning or supersonic welding.Please be sure to check if your cleaning and welding process sffects any damage to crystal units before using.

(2)Some kinds of cleaning fluid may cause any damage to crystal units.Please be sure to check suitability of the cleaning fluid in advance.



Storage of crystal units under higher temperature or high humidity for a long term may affects frequency stability or solderability.Please store the crystal units under the normal temperature and humidity without exposing to direct sunlight and dew condensation,and avoid the storage of crystal units for more than 6 months,and mount them as soon as possible after unpacking.