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item machine origin qty
1 wafer cutting machine Japan/China 30pcs crystal cutting (for quartz ,piezoelectricity porcelain)
2 grinding machine Japan/China 80pcs crystal grinding (for quartz ,piezoelectricity porcelain)
3 drum machine Japan/China 15pcs exact machining(for quartz ,piezoelectricity porcelain)
4 vacuum coating machine Korea/Japan 25pcs base plating (for aluminium? silver and gold )
5 vacuum adjustment machine Korea/Japan 60pcs frequency adjustment
6 packaging machine Korea/Japan 20pcs seaming
7 aging oven China 35sets arging
8 water system China 3sets cooling system ?wafer cleaning system
9 nitrogen system China 3sets products protection
10 purification workshop China 3sets 5000 purification level of 209E